Yilifang is a resear技化ch and development team composed 兒多of scientific researchers from top和船 international research institutions放廠 and domestic translation medicine elit用刀es. Been guided by clinical nee國雨ds, taking the existing "pa服唱in points" in the market, 熱師Yilifang committed to creating goo麗睡d products that can solv微紙e the real needs of the mark電信et.

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Yilifang was established in the contex外能t of the new era of件技 precision medicine. Since its esta山林blishment, it has been developing i裡秒n a pragmatic and stab冷說le style of work, vigorously coordi體這nated development in personnel tra相日ining, research and innovatio刀理n, safety compliance, quali好遠ty system construction, etc. has also o化腦btained preliminary achievements.